Welcome to The Pen Of The Muses! The posts below are often about theological, philosophical, political, lit., or writing topics because that's what's really important to me and what I'm most excited about sharing. But I am human. Man lives not by deep theological concepts alone. Not everything I post will be weighty.

-D.C. Salmon

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A very, very short poem to all of you hoping for a new post:

Busy though I be:
I forget not thee!

New post coming soon. :)


  1. Well I was wondering.....
    ....juuust kidding :) I totally understand cuz I've been really busy too. You'd think there would be more free time now that school is over, but it's the total opposite for me :P

    Looking forward to your next post! ;)

  2. As the cat who ate the cheese and waited for the mouse, we wait with baited breath.