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-D.C. Salmon

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Top 5ness-Avatar Characters

I am now instituting a weekly Top 5 (Known as "Top 5ness"), thanks to the influences of Mr. Davis! Now, considering my desktop back ground:

I decided to do: (you guessed it!) My top 5 favorite Avatar characters. :)

1. Uncle Iroh: Iroh is my favorite character, take all. He always stands up for what's right, sticks with Zuko even when rejected, forgives and gives help to those who need him. He could have been very bitter about the death of his son and the exile by his younger brother, but he turns the other cheek.

2. Zuko: Alright, I admit that Zuko deals with a little bit of an anger issue, but aside from that he is a really determined guy. His experiences brought him lower then any of the other characters in the show, and he emerged with his good qualities shining. He stood up against his dad and his council to defend the lives of Fire Nation soldiers and he's punished for it, but he still sticks up for right.

3. Toph: I like Toph mostly because I like her attitude. She's one of the most strong-willed people in the show. Nuff said.

4. Sokka: I like Sokka because I relate to him. Unfortunately I realized this in the first episode when he utterly fails at a fight with Zuko (while he's still a bad-guy of course). He's pretty funny, he's courageous, he loves his family and he's willing to die for the cause, and his friends and family.

5. Mai: The thing that notched Mai up onto this list was when she blatantly crossed Zuko's sister (Azula), and that was possibly the bravest thing she ever did. Blatantly contradicting Azula could have resulted in her torture, and death, and she knew it.

Honorable mentions: King Boomi (for his wisdom and general wackiness) and Katara (for her rousing Rhetorical abilities on the Earth-Nation prison ship)

Latin Isn't Dead!


I never even realized that those lyrics were latin! There's also latin at the end, if you beat the game. There are some awesome scholars somewhere in the company that made this game. Latin is really the easiest way to make something classy and epic. Thanks for posting Mr. Davis!

The witty humorous young man... ;)

This isn't really a story or anything, it's just a Comp. assignment that I decided to share. :)

"The witty, humorous young man at a party is always held as the male of highest importance among the young women present, and he is always found with a flock of them standing all about him, giggling and tittering at his quips.

These feminine admirers are always flitting about like a herd of seagulls, now gathering about him, now breaking off to whisper about him in little bunches, now wheeling back to hear his humorous sayings.

Being the center of the focus, the top of the totem pole and (unfortunately) a young, pompous male, the clever jokester will very soon become puffed up with this attention from the opposite gender.

Puffed up like a proud bird, strutting about sipping at punches and nibbling at pasties, he will continue even farther down this path, spewing forth witticisms, jests and wisecracks, hoping to leave the whole room rolling with his wild bantering.

While this gaiety and jollity goes on in the foreground, in the corner gathers the lesser lads that glare and glower over their drinks, muttering and grumbling their complaints."

KONY 2012: The Debate and Christian response.

Over 85 million people have watched the KONY 2012 video, put together by Jason Russell, so over 85 million people have heard about the atrocities of Joseph Kony, a Ugandan warlord who is responsible for thousands of crimes against mostly children. (Nota Bene: He has only committed dozens of different crimes, but there he is responsible for those crimes being done thousands of times.) He and his Lord's Resistance Army have terrorized African countries like Uganda.

The video itself is one of the most high-quality videos that encourages people to join a cause. Russell uses his personal life, popular beliefs and symbols (like the peace sign), emotional appeals, popular music, appeals to being part of a greater cause and many other Rhetorical devices to convince the watchers of his opinion. He incorporates references to technology and social media to tell his story (e.g. using a Facebook timeline to show his relationship with Jacob, showing that people are joining the cause with rising numbers of people joining the group on Facebook) to show that this new generation uses social media and technology to join together. He doesn't overwhelm the audience with facts and proofs, proofs and facts till they're bored to tears, and not doing that is also a Rhetorical device. The video is 30 minutes long (All right- 29:58 if you want to be exact), so he doesn't have to cram everything together; he has enough time to keep everything nicely spread out. He makes his plan very real, not vague, and he does an especially good job of showing concretely what the viewers of the video can do to help this cause.

About five years ago the group talking about the Invisible Children came and gave their presentation at my church. It definitely invoked my pity, but for some reason I think that the mention of The Lord's army was only passing, and I don't remember if they mentioned Kony by name. This video actually did more to motivate me then their entire presentation because it shows concretely how I personally can help and it makes me feel like part of a greater cause.

There is some debate about Kony, brought to light by Russell's video. Some areas of debate include whether Kony is dead or alive, whether the US has actually deployed soldiers to Uganda, and whether Kony's army has already done its worst. Some people claim that the whole thing is a complete scam. There have been some very strong reactions incited by this video.

But there is one thing that is not in debate; that the crimes of Joseph Kony are despicable, twisted and wrong.

The Bible tells us that God has given a conscience to all men to tell the difference between right and wrong. This is a perfect example of how all people will admit that some a actions are wrong.

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Healthcare Rights

Today was the third day of arguments by the Supreme Court over the much-disputed National Healthcare law. Most laws that are debated on the Floor have an hour time-limit per day, but this law has 6 hours a day for three days; March 26th, 27th and 28th. One of the most disputed parts of this proposition is that it would force Americans to buy a product they might not want (The National Healthcare coverage). The politicians supporting the law respond by saying that everyone needs to go to the hospital at some point. This is very true. Most people have been in the hospital at one time or another.

But that's not the point. The government shouldn't be allowed to use its authority to force that kind of choice on any American person, even if the government think it's for their own good. Americans have the right to choose if they want healthcare coverage, and which healthcare coverage they want.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Scale of the Universe 2


I found this from a World Magazine website. It's so amazing, even though it's done by evolutionists. When you're looking at it keep in mind that God designed every minute, microscopic detail of the small, and yet he can control the mighty power of the large.